Beautiful website with GSOH WLTM you…

We judge a good website a lot like we choose a partner. Looks, personality and sex appeal are all important. Oh, and a good sense of humour from time to time can be attractive too.


How many times have you been told not to judge a book by its cover? Well, the honest truth is that we all do it occasionally. Make sure you’re happy with the design you choose for your website because you could be stuck with it for quite a while. A good way of deciding if the design is right is to imagine yourself as your business and your homepage as a mirror. Take a good look, because to your customers your website is your business personified.


The old adage “content is king” is still true. You want to engage your visitors, so you need to connect with them through your words, images and videos. This content forms your voice, so speak up nice and clearly. Choose your words carefully and remember to lead the conversation in the right direction. Here’s your chance to humanise the website and establish or reinforce your brand personality.

Sex appeal

Ever heard the expression “sex sells”? When it comes to web development, sexiness is usually a winning ingredient. Using a fancy parallax or some clever jQuery might be just the features you need to beat your competitors in the sexiness stakes. Keeping up to date with the latest functionality on your website shows your visitors that you’re forward-thinking and fresh.

A word of warning though – don’t go overboard with the technical wizardry. Pick a few of your favourite technical features and try to hold back on using too many gimmicky tricks at any one time… remember it’s a functional website you’re looking for, not a circus!

When it comes to choosing the right website for your business, it’s not a quick thrill you’re after, it’s a serious long term relationship. So make sure you make choices that are right for your business now and in the foreseeable future.

For more information about improving the looks, personality or sex appeal of your website, get in touch with Group Dane.


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