7 ways to spot if you need a new website

Ok, so it’s no secret that nowadays many businesses live or die by the quality of their website. How many customers could you be turning off because of a poor quality, dated or broken website? We’ve put together some pointers to help you decide if you need a new website.

Does it have a clear purpose?

Take an objective look at your site. Ask other people for honest opinions. If the purpose of the site isn’t immediately obvious, something is definitely wrong. Typically, website visitors don’t have patience, so you need to get your point across in the first few seconds.

Is it functional?

Does your website do everything you need it to? For example, if you need to sell products online or perhaps chat in real time with customers, are you able to do this with your current website? Your website needs to be tailored to your business’ requirements, not the other way around.

Is the design out-dated?

Does the site look and feel modern? Look at the layout, the colours, fonts and images. Try it in a few different browsers and ask yourself if you’re proud of what you see. If not, you probably need a redesign.

Is it responsive?

Modern websites should be compatible with multiple devices. This means your website’s layout should respond to the device it’s being accessed on, whether that’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. If your website doesn’t work effectively on mobile devices, you could be neglecting a huge chunk of your online audience.

Can you easily manage content?

Do you dread making updates to your website because the process is too clunky? There are a number of great content management systems to chose from that could make your life much easier when it comes to editing your website’s content. Remember your website should work for you not the other way around!

Is it as good as competitors’ sites?

Compare your main competitors’ websites with your own. If you think their site is better in terms of design, content or functionality, your visitors will no doubt feel the same. Remember, people vote with their index fingers and regardless of your actual business offering, if your site is poor, your business will be viewed in the same way.

How is the user experience (UX)?

Do some user testing with people who haven’t used your website before. Ask them to perform some basic tasks or look for specific things on your site and see how they feel about their experience afterwards. Remember, the best people to evaluate your exisiting site and plan a new site are the people who will be using it.

Next steps

For help evaluating your current website, including content auditing, user testing, design/development consultation, get in touch with Group Dane. We offer free consultation to UK SMEs.


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