So you want more followers on Twitter?

Ok, other than making you appear more popular, how will having more followers help you?

The first thing you need to consider is what you specifically want to achieve as a result of Twitter follows. Examples of potential objectives include:

  • Promote/increase interest in your business/activities
  • Use as a two-way communications channel
  • Increase traffic to website

Once you have your objectives nailed down, you can refine your tactics. Below we have discussed the questions our clients ask us most about Twitter.

How can we get more followers?

A popular question! Think about the reasons for this in relation to your overall objective.

Is your desire for more followers driven by vanity? Many people believe if they have more followers, they will appear to be more popular and this means people will consider them better at what they do. This is a valid reason for wanting more followers, but how will this help you to achieve your overall objective(s)? For example, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, will you achieve this by having a huge number of followers? Not necessarily.

For example, if you have 2000 followers predominantly consisting of students, how many of them are likely to read or react to your tweets if they are about holidays for the over 60s? However, if you have 100 retirement-age followers, the results are more likely to be fruitful.

Therefore, rather than simply looking for more followers, it is more effective to seek more of the right followers.

Why do people keep un-following us?

There are a number of reasons people might choose to stop following you.

One reason could be that they don’t have an interest in you or your business. In this case, don’t lose any sleep because they were probably not the right followers.

Are you tweeting too often – or not enough? If you’re flooding your followers’ feeds with tweets, it’s likely they will quickly want to restore some balance and un-follow you. Equally, if you don’t tweet often enough, you might be considered inactive and fall victim to your followers’ spring cleaning.

Are your tweets interesting enough? Make sure you only tweet when you have something worth saying – people quickly grow tired of bland, uninspiring tweets.

Do you follow back? Digital manners are important, so if someone follows you, they probably expect you to follow them back. If you don’t they may choose to un-follow you.

Why aren’t followers clicking on the links we post?

People don’t like clicking on links if they aren’t sure where they go. Make sure you clearly state what the link is for and tell your followers why they might be interested.

Make links worthwhile. If followers are interested enough to click on your link, don’t let them down with an irrelevant, uninspiring destination. If they’re disappointed this time, chances are they won’t click any more of your links.

Why don’t we get many ‘cold’ followers?

By ‘cold’ followers we mean people who follow you first. To attract cold followers, you’ll need to get onto their radar. You can do this by encouraging people to retweet you (more on this below), use hash tags (#) and engage in conversation with followers.

When followers retweet you, your tweet appears in their followers’ feeds. This can extend your reach significantly (depending on the amount of followers they have).

Using a hashtag will group your tweet with other people’s tweets that have used the same hashtag. When people search for the hashtag you’ve used, they may see your tweet. This is a good way of attracting the right followers – the fact they have searched this keyword means they are likely to have a shared interest with you.

Engage in conversation with your followers, even if using Twitter as a communication channel isn’t one of your objectives. Not only will this help to get your @name onto the other persons profile, it will also help to build lasting relationships with your followers.

How can I get people to retweet me?

People will only retweet you if your followers consider your tweet to be of interest to their own followers. So, keep your tweets relevant, interesting and current. You can ask your followers to retweet your tweet (many tweeters add “please RT” or “pls RT” to the end of their tweet), but don’t forget that the “pls RT” part will be visible on the retweet. When a retweet has obviously been requested, it sometimes has less impact.

If you’re expecting people to retweet your tweets, the least you can do is occasionally return the favour. However, make sure you endorse the message and any links/or images in tweets you retweet.

More tips and support

For more help with social media strategy, management and monitoring, get in touch with Group Dane.

Post by Frankie, Social Media Adviser at Group Dane


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