Top tips for email marketing

How many times have you deleted a marketing email without even reading it? It didn’t take long for digital junk mail to become almost as annoying as its ugly paper-based cousin!

That said, email marketing can be rather effective if you do it properly. We’ve put together a few key tips to help you get it right and maybe even avoid your messages heading straight to the recycle bin.

Target contacts carefully

Make sure you take care when putting together your contacts list (this is the list of people you’ll be sending your email to). If you send specific demographics of your customer base targeted messages and offers you are far more likely to have a higher success rate.

Keep it real…and simple

Only send a marketing email if you have news, a special offer, a brand new service or something else interesting to say! Every time you send an irrelevant, uninspiring or babbling email, you could lose potentially valuable contacts.

And remember not to tell your customer absolutely everything there is to know about your business or products in the email. Think of it as a call to action; make it clear what the action is and stress the benefits.

Tone and style

Think carefully about language and tone of voice in your email. If you over-do the marketing speak, you may turn people off.

Always make sure the words and images in the email are in-keeping with your brand.

Service providers

It is important your emails are managed properly, look professional and have tracking enabled. You can do this effortlessly by using an email campaign service provider.

There are a number of great providers to choose from and some of them even offer free packages. Our favourites include MailChimp, eShot, and Pure360.


Whether you use an email campaign service provider or not, you should have analytics tracking set up on your emails. This will help you to monitor how many times the email has been read and by who.

Links and replies

You’d probably be surprised how many companies send out marketing emails that don’t link back to their websites. Don’t make the same mistake!

Just as importantly, make sure you include a reply email address in your message.

Stay legal

It is a legal requirement in the UK to include an “unsubscribe” link in marketing emails. But, wait…this isn’t a bad thing. After all, it’s pointless sending emails to people who don’t want to receive them or don’t have any interest or use for your product or service. The unsubscribe button will help to keep your contacts database more efficient.

Always remember to include a link to your privacy policy, which should explain what data you keep about your recipients, how you keep it secure, who (if anyone) you will share it with and what they can do to access it.

Don’t forget, by UK law, all marketing emails must also include your business address in the footer.


For more advice or help with planning, creating or measuring a digital marketing campaign, get in touch with Group Dane.


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