What would Jack say?

If Jack Nicholson took at look at your website, what would he make of it?

Well, you know Jack… he’s right down the line; he tells it like it is.

Take a look at his video:

Good news

You can get in touch with us to find out exactly what Jack means. Either visit Group Dane, or email Jack directly, at: jack@groupdane.com

Sensational meeting you.



You deserve to go bust…

…if you don’t think your website is important.

We’re battling through the biggest recession for decades, so now is the time to get business smart and acknowledge the importance of your website.

The first thing most people do when they’re looking for a product or service is Google it. Like it or not, if your competitors have better websites, they will probably engage more customers than you.

You need to give the same care and attention to your website as you do to your products and physical shop window. Let’s face it, this is the digital age; your website directly impacts your business.

Group Dane blog post

Bill didn’t think his website was important.

Your first, your last, your everything.

For goodness sake, your website is your shop front, (good or bad) it’s your first impression, (pretty or ugly) it’s your face, (weak or booming) it’s your voice, (on trend or car crash) it’s your style, (silk hanky or runny nose) it’s your professionalism, (carrot or stick) it’s your culture and, crucially – it’s one of the most powerful selling platforms you’ll ever have.

Barry White might as well have been singing about his website in this song:

Make sure your website feels special to you, Barry White style. Ooooh yeah.

Is your website “OK”?

“OK” and “poor” are the same thing when it comes to optimising customer egagement. Keep working on your website until you can honestly describe it as “great”. Would you describe your products as mediocre, average, not bad, ok, or fair? You may not have to if your website is already saying that for you.

If your website could talk to you, is this what it would say?

No need for a chemical romance, but you should try to court your customers with a beautiful, functional website.

Let’s get serious.

If your business is unique, if you do something better than everyone else, if you have something to offer that is special…your website should reflect this.

For your potential customers, your website will be the only time they ever make contact with you. It’s time to get serious.

In this song, Jermaine Jackson is probably singing about sorting out his online presence:

It’s true that you only get what you pay for; if it’s homemade or one of those cheap £200 template deals, you won’t be kidding anyone.

Sucking air time

To find out how much you should pay for a bespoke website, specially tailored to your business’ requirements, get in touch with Group Dane for a detailed no obligation quote.


Photograph by Mock Turtle Moon, New York.