Stop emailing me!

How many times have you signed up for a company’s “newsletter” (purposefully or inadvertently) and then received a barrage of marketing emails? If you’re anything like me, it’s way more than your delete finger can handle.

Because most marketing emails don’t accept replies, I’m going to list my frustrations below in the hope that someone, somewhere gets the message:

Don’t keep introducing yourself!

If it’s not the first time you’re emailing me, please don’t write things in the subject line like “Hello, nice to meet you”, “Welcome” or “Thanks for signing up”. This is why it annoys me:

  1. I have already received emails from you before; it’s too late to be introducing yourself.
  2. It makes me wonder if you have sent the wrong email to me, which doesn’t give me much confidence in your business.
  3. It makes me feel undervalued. Am I just another name in your database? Not even worth a bit of tailoring?

Don’t overtly stalk me

We both know that you’re able to monitor whether or not I open your emails, but please don’t tell me you know I don’t read your emails. I’ll be honest, it’s a bit “Big Brother” and it freaks me out. If you want to find out why I don’t read your emails, you’ve got to be a bit cleverer and a lot more subtle.

Don’t hassle me

OK, you’re keen for me to know about your great products and services, but I don’t need to hear from you every week. Shucks, you contact me more than my mum does.

Don’t tease me

If you write something intriguing in your subject line, I WILL open it. Good plan then, eh? Not really, because if you’ve tricked me, I’ll be so annoyed that I’ll instantly unsubscribe from your list.

Things change

Ok, I might have been interested in your business in the past. I might even have used your services. But really, if I haven’t been in contact with you for 18 months, you need to move on. Let me go.

And relax! Well, it feels good to get that off my chest.

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Post by Frankie, digital marketing consultant at Group Dane.