Plan now for Facebook and Twitter buy buttons

As Facebook and Twitter near the end of testing new buy buttons, businesses must start planning their social sales strategies.

The new social ecommerce functionality will revolutionise online buying behaviours, allowing businesses to sell products and services directly via status updates and social advertising, without the customer ever having to leave the platform.

The most digitally savvy businesses are already setting up social sales strategies that will position them competitively when the functionality is released.

take-actionBusinesses are set to enjoy a more tangible and measurable return on investment from social media activity in the form of direct buys rather than just likes and followers.

Traditional websites and ecommerce stores are likely to become a less important (even redundant in some cases) part of the sales journey, as social profiles are transformed into ecommerce sites.

Buy buttons not only signal the beginning of a shift in the way we use social media, they also further demonstrate the increasingly consolidated nature of our online experiences, as more and more traditionally separate elements are built into central platforms.

Over the next 12 months, we will see social media managers taking more of a merchants role, directly driving revenue and closing sales. This will create a whole new hybrid breed of social salespeople, with the most successful being those who can maintain the communities they have built without killing their influence with pervasive sales tactics.

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